Winona Leads Charge as Chinese Skincare Conquers the World

Winona sensitive skin care sparkled at World Congress of Dermatology On June 11, Winona, China’s leading sensitive skincare brand, was present for the opening of the World Congress of Dermatology (WCD) in Milan. The WCD represents the highest academic level of worldwide dermatology. Winona, which focuses on the needs of sensitive skin, attracted attention and recognition from the world’s top dermatology experts for its innovative targeted treatment therapies for sensitive skin, and its clinical results reflecting the most exacting international standards of evidence. With support from sixty dermatologists from around the globe, Winona made this year’s WCD the moment that Chinese therapies for sensitive skin seized the international spotlight.
On June 12, at the Winona International Summit for Sensitive Skin, Philippe Humbert, a French authority in dermatology, delivered the speech. He described the findings of a controlled, double-blind, before-after trial carried out by the Research and Studies Center on the Integument (CERT) on Winona’s Anti-Sensitive Moisturizing Tolerance Extreme Cream. The outcome of the trial proves that this product causes significant improvement in skin sensitivity, and demonstrates that its active ingredients (Yunnan purslane, Prinsepia utilis Royle) deliver the three key outcomes of soothing, moisturizing, and repairing sensitive skin. The trial is clear evidence that Winona products offer proven levels of efficacy and safety, comparable to any major international brand. CERT is part of the Department of Dermatology’s Clinical Investigation Center located in Besançon University Hospital. It has been operating for over 20 years, and is a European and global authority on dermatological disease and cosmetic products.
Winona’s research into sensitive skin has moved beyond the “bricks-and-mortar” of keratinocytes and intercellular lipids, into investigations of the causes of sensitive skin on the genomic and proteomic levels. The Winona R&D team has introduced targeted treatment for sensitive skin using genomics, proteomics, and an in-depth understanding of the skin structure, which has sparked strong interest among both Chinese and international dermatologists, and has been widely welcomed by leaders in the field. Winona makes effective use of the resources available. Inspired by the species diversity of Yunnan, Winona team sought out active ingredients from the plants of the high plateau. Bringing together experts in dermatology, botany, and biology, the company combines the latest advances in dermatological science with the wisdom of eastern skincare traditions. In the Chinese market, Winona's intensive research into the mechanisms of skin sensitivity, and its consistent pursuit of excellence in product quality, have earned the company an excellent reputation among both skincare experts and consumers. The company is recognized as an authority in care for sensitive skin.
The WCD has been an opportunity for Winona to lead other Chinese skincare brands into the international market. With its advanced skincare concepts and its international standards of evidence for efficacy and safety. Winona is building a global reputation for a Chinese skincare brand, and bringing health and beauty to ever more people.